Sockin’ it to ‘em

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professionalpuddlejumper replied to your post “I’m going through a weird octopus-drawing obsession. So last night, in…”
OCTOPI ARE MY FAVORITE. My friend has one named bubbles that I pretend is mine. Bless your soul for octopuns.
No way! People had octopi as pets!?! That’s awesome. That’s so awesome. I am in so much awe. I think I have a new thing to aspire to. Thanks btw! Glad you’re enjoying them! :D
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Alternatively named bock-bock-bock-topus

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It’s almost 3:00

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I’m going through a weird octopus-drawing obsession. So last night, in a moment of absolute ingenuity, I decided THAT I’M GOING TO POST ONLY OCTOPUS PUNS for the next month or so. I hope no one has an octopus phobia. Apologies if you do.


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Ink long and prosper

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Apologies for my absence! Here are some octopi I drew in class today… because I’m a good student and I pay heaps of attention. Anyway, this doodling prompted a pun idea. SO THAT WILL BE DRAWN SOON. I AM EXCITED.

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I’m very sorry

for being inactive. I truly am. I’m trying to not be a slacker at uni, and it is very time consuming being conscientious LOL or at least trying to be. My good grades will thank you for your patience with me.

I’m slightly more active on Twitter. So if you want a dose of my weirdness, you can find me @christine_luong. (That’s also my handle on Instagram just fyi)

I’ll probably be reblogging some old faves again.

Thank you for putting up with me, and sticking with me. I do so appreciate it.

Lots of love to you all! May your days be bright, and your shoes be comfy. Because I care about podiatry, apparently.

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Maybe I didn’t know that you don’t need a toaster to make toasts.

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I made a Ricky Martin pun.
Not sure if you young’ns will get it.
But I like it.
Maybe you’ll know it from Shrek.

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Livin la vida loca. Ricky Martin. Lyrics. doodles. pun.


Just need a lighter

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When I see toilet paper rolls…

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Apologies for inaccuracies. I tried.

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This is a very hard-to-draw reptile

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Feeling a little condimentary

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